Inverter Charger – Off-Grid – SNV-GFT 10-120 KW

Product Category : Inverter Charger
Product Series : Off-Grid
Product Name : SNV-GFT 10-120 KW
Harga : Call Of Price

GFK33 Series Products use high speed DSP Control Unit, Advanced high speed IGBT, MOSFET components, with Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) technique disturbance type MPPT Control, and double conversion system configuration. Under high-speed DSP system control, the system can quickly track panels to do high-power, load change and efficient multi-level control system, even if the mains input voltage and frequency suddenly changes, over/under voltage, or power disturbances. It also can provide the load with regulated voltage and frequency power. System has a reliable, environmentally friendly, high intelligence and other characteristics.

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